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Dear All,

E-learning has been already more than decades old but not been made available to our students everywhere!

I would say our curriculum has been diseased with "curiculosclerosis" and not been treated with TL methods that can bring cure or control of this disease.

Most have mobile in their hands, computers on their lap BUT were blaming NO DATA due to high data cost few years ago. NOW its changing India and world. You have cheaper data and range of service providers.

We have students who are tech savvy - ISP (internet service providers) who are providing low cost data - Digital market providing less cost tools - revolutionized IT sector providing free and nominal cost platforms.

BUT we have RESISTANT teachers who are throwing a BLIND EYE over this and sticking to age old diseased curriculum or their conventional TL methods.

We accept CT SCAN or MRI/PET SCAN for our patients to get the best out of technology for treatment BUT not E-learning the latest technology to teach our students. DOUBLE STANDARDS!

MCI and our Medical Universities have already started recommending E-learning to make a student "LIFE LONG LEARNER" which can be best achieved by e-learning.

Having all the resources we need to gear up to meet the present generation medical students needs and future generation community needs that will be met by these students.

2 points

Dear Dr Imran Sir,

I respectfully disagree to your points put across sir.

1. E - learning will have guide. We call it e-moderator and tutor.

2. Technical issues reduce with good alpha & beta testing of modules and interfaces. Dropouts are not failure of e-learning reduce with good e-learning materials and guide mentioned above.

3. Immediate feedback is POSSIBLE and best given than in traditional class.

4. Poor quality many timed happen in traditional teaching because it is one time like hit and run (no option of correction) unlike in e learning where we have option of modifying it periodically to suit the needs of learner.

5. There are numerous way of making e-learning interactive, innovative and interesting to students. Just the teachers must spend some time to build a good module like planning for a class. For those who doesn't bother to prepare for their teaching classes its just a lame excuse e-learning doesn't work.

MALATESH(2) Clarified
1 point

Dear Dr Sharon madam,

I am Dr Malatesh Undi.

Thanks for that point. If I re read the debate motion "E-learning is need of hour". It is no where mentioned it will REPLACE traditional learning.

Reviewing the present situation in medical colleges it is well evident that students are tech savvy, already have abundant information online but are falling in reaching their goals and our curriculum objectives because of our prejudiced NOTION that physical interaction is always better!!.

I would proudly say virtual learning from faculty and peers of ACME is far better than the things TAUGHT to me by mediocre teachers and disinterested peers in confined classrooms of our college.

Regarding UPPER HAND, only a true robust assessment of both methods shall tell us which method helps in achieving what. As of now we have free hands to try e-learning at our places in whatever possible way.

I was able to create this online debate free of cost with my TEAM ADHUNIK and Inspirational faculty support which would not be able even if I had many classroom teachings!

2 points

Dear friends,

I am Dr Malatesh Undi.

I refute the statement of Dr Sujit sir stating that E-learning needs huge investments that is waste of resources!

How many cost effective studies exist in Indian medical colleges? Ironically traditional teaching has not been assessed for its cost effectiveness against e-learning. Very few patchy studies exist insufficient to generalize the results.

Maintenance charges will be less. Let me ask. Which one will be costly - revising your printed learning materials or online materials? c.f. typewriting machine versus computer. Initial days computer appeared costly but see now computers have almost replaced typewriter!

Sujit sir mentioned assessment. let me remind that RGUHS the largest university for medical schools in Karnataka has adopted digital evaluation looking into pros and cons and convinced that it is cost effective and reliable.

Both teacher and student and authorities can easily retrieve evaluated papers if needed with appropriate authentication.

Let me also state that e-learning is actually cost effective. Let me give a simple example. One or Two learned and passionate teachers who have acquired appropriate teaching skills can cater to the needs of large number of students (most are tech savvy nowadays; smartphone use >90%). Actually cuts down cost.

Unfortunately many teachers enter into teaching without being evaluated pre-placement or post placement. That is why many still are in college. This is not the case with e-learning. Students out-rightly reject mediocre teachers and teaching methods. The authorities have an option to choose best e-learning modules and adopt it based on the needs of students and community.

RGUHS is already in process of acquiring digital -learning modules through Omnicuris. Internet cost has fallen steeply with increase in consumers. Similarly cost drops if more medical schools adopt it. Demand - Supply Chain!

Last but not least all of you are debating using e-learning method freely at no cost or low cost if you take into account the nominal charges of course fees you paid.

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