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RSS Renulohi

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6 points

Learning in a classroom is more personal and interactive, but there are a lot of benefits to enrolling in an online course, and most of it is in terms of convenience and affordability.

e learning is the need of the hour because of the following advantges

1. We are able to link the various resources in several varying formats.

2. It is a very efficient way of delivering courses online.

3. Due to its convenience and flexibility, the resources are available from anywhere and at any time.

4. Everyone, who are part time students or are working full time, can take advantage of web-based learning.

5. Web-based learning promotes active and independent learning.

6. As we have access to the net 24x7, you can train yourself anytime and from anywhere also.

7. It is a very convenient and flexible option; above all, you don't have to depend on anyone for anything.

8. Not only we can train ourselves on a day to day basis, but also on weekends or whenever we have the free time to. There is no hard and fast rule.

9. Through discussion boards and chats, we are able to interact with everyone online and also clear our doubts if any.

10. The video instructions that are provided for audio and video learning can be rewound and seen and heard again and again if we do not happen to understand the topic first time around.


Dr Renu Lohitashwa

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