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RSS Vijayetha

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vijayetha(5) Clarified
1 point

Dear Dr. Joshi sir

I do agree that many facilities can be misused and it depends on the type of student using it.

Asking them to sit and attend the conventional lectures and clinics is not going to be misused to the extent online resources can be!.

There is a lot of material available online and they can even get lost while searching one topic.

A Guided approach is required and hence monitoring a large no. Of students is waste of teachers time. It's better to teach them in class rooms and guide them than in an online platform.


Dr. Vijayetha

2 points

Dear Dr. Suhasini

I would like to clarify your doubt that e learning can be cheated if students are not motivated.

They sit physically in the classroom for lectures and atleast listen.

But how do you make them sit and learn in online platforms.

Hence we have to first motivate them which cannot be done by e learning.

Regards Dr. vijayetha

2 points

Dear all,

I am Dr. Vijayetha Patil, ACME 2017 Batch.

 Highly motivated students can only cope up with the E-learning. Personal attention and monitoring is requires for other students.

 Hands on experience, real life teaching , real patients is definitely the most important part of Conventional learning which cannot be done in e-leraning.

 Using virtual models and other videos can be costly and will not match the real teaching.

 Each student may not afford to have e-learning devices and network connections. It will be a burden on the institute to arrange for it, moreover it can be misused.

 Soft skills, communication skills can never be learnt as good as in conventional real life learning.

 There is social isolation, there could be technical problems and we really need to test whether it suits all the students.

 So in total, it will definitely waste the teachers time in arranging for all this and is a costly affair.

3 points

Our case studies show time and again that elearning courses can have a positive and direct impact on an organisation’s profitability by making it easy to learn and digest information.

It could be profitable by reducing the number of staff and infrastructure required to teach the medical graduates. But does it actually improves the outcome of medical students learning, I have a big doubt.

Training and experience from teachers in real sense is the one I believe is much more important than viewing it online.

E- learning could enhance the already learnt concepts of students but would not aid in learning new knowledge the first time.

Hence it cannot replace the traditional classes and clinics in medical school.

2 points

As all our students are tech savvy and this digital literacy is what we can use navigate, discuss and create information as students already know basic word and numerical processing. Most of them already have smart phone and access to net in college library

Should we ask them to strat using their smart phones in the classrooms and library?

How sure can we be if they are doing academics or just socialising.

They will like more of virtual world than interacting with their peers and real patients which will make them isolated.


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