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RSS Chandradebat

Reward Points:6
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2 points

Dear Dr Vidya s Patil ,

Your inputs are agreeable but i disagree on this point :

Reduced instructor supervision leads to increased student autonomy, and let’s not forget that online learning is all about individualized learning.

Competent Teacher plays a very important role in guiding and monitoring students in Face To Face scenario , as propensity to listen and oblige is high when students divert , continuous monitoring both physical & mental is Possible traditional method , as students have to face teacher and are more obliged & compelled to listen.

Autonomy only diverts students focus & goal.

Dr Chandrakala .B.S '

Batch 2017

1 point

Dr Suhasini Madam,

Yes many of your points are acceptable in terms of companies not academics.

PERSUADE SHARING- i disagree as we may force people to show a regulated positive response just because one is monitered, but real humane touch should be developed from within and definitely e learning is not the forum to study emotional aspects .


Batch 2017

0 points

Madam ,

Yes , Medical Graduates cannot e produced ONLINE

For it requires a Holistic approach ,definitely simulations may be the means but definitely not the source .

PATIENTS interaction & experience is best TEACHER

Dr Chandrakala,

atch 2017

1 point

Dr Shilpa Madam ,

Your inputs are appreciative , but i disagree with your points

1) Retention - is best done with repeated psychomotor skills , discussion , repetitions .vast knowledge is reachable to student but conceptualizing is still depends on his cognition capability

2) Flexibility - more the more propensity to procastinate , learning should be time bound .

Dr Chandrakala,

2017 batch

chandradebat(6) Clarified
1 point

Dr Malatesh ,

I dont think all teachers are against e Learning , students use net not to enhance knowledge to communicate on whatsup , even when we give them assignments or seminars , they hardly show enthusiasm or even o beyond basic textbooks , rather they are sooo engrossed chatting in all groups that even basic knowledge has come down , 50% of them pass only coz of courtesy of viva marks & internal assessment

Dr Chandrakala,

HOD , dept Physiology

ESIC Medical College ,gulbarga.

2 points

Dear All ,

Inputs of Dr ChandraKala .B.S , Batch 2017 ,

e-Learning is the need of the Hour /e Learning is waste of Time and Resources- Debate

Debate : E Learning is Waste of Time : due to the following :

 High dropout rates from e-learning courses,

 low learner satisfaction, ambiguous performance,

 Lack of simple and clear approaches,obscure concepts and vague terms.

 It Lacks to be a value adding process that challenges the way of teaching.

 It often fail to promote value creating processes both for learners and teachers and their

 highest rates of distance courses dropout

 Lack specific knowledge, motivation , needs fulfilment, problem solving, team synergy,

 e-learning requires much more effort in comparison to traditional learning.

 unfortunately technology is only a driver not a catalyst.

 Lacks learner satisfaction,from such a system is very limited, unable to support different degrees of value delivery. They based on capabilities on common characteristics that in general simulate the traditional way of teaching

 lacks the Ability to support different educational goals through the employment of different learning processes.

 Should define concrete ways of content enrichment in virtual environments, which add value in traditional learning content

 major difficulty of the learners was the inability to find the appropriate learning content according to their previous experiences on the field & vast knowlede

 absence of knowledge management systems that increase the re-usability of knowledge for training purposes.

 e-learning system has to be enriched very frequently with new learning content which incurs huge expenditure

 unclear quality standards & trained personnel

 enormous efforts that have to be paid in order to redesign learning content

Regards ,


Batch 2017

ESIC Medical College , Gulbarga.

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